☢ NUCLEAR WEAPON 77 ☢ Hardcore/Metal/Crossover - Brasil  



Highly dangerous bunch of bums from Brazil put up crossover band and release unbelievable record!

Keep on reading for details on this outrageous affair:

In 2009 Marcel Ianuck was tired and jaded from Brasilia's scene. A life full of bands and demented frenzied madness, including stints on institutions such as Lemon Squeezer, Deceivers, Macakongs 2099 and Sapatos Bicolores, provided him an elevated Human Development Index (HDI) but also took its toll. After a sabbathical period, spent on Brazil's paradisiacal locations like Manaus' east side and Maraba's 32nd leaf, he decided to stop messing around and put up his own band. And on best Dave Mustaine fashion (after being kicked out of Metallica), he solemnly swore that things would be different. Even if it meant doing everything by himself. Under these ridiculous circunstances, Nuclear Weapon 77 was born (later abreviated to N.W.77 after a numerologist warning - Ianuck is a mystical guy and take things like that seriously!)

Inspired by the best hardcore, metal and rock bands around, he entered legendary There Goes Compensa Two Studios and recorded, by himself, the Doomsday Countdown EP. Soon after the recording sessions, old vices and addictions stroke back and Marcel relapsed. In an erroneous and alcohol induced decision, he invited some friends and in a matter of weeks, N.W.77 was a full fledged band. For a succesful and flourishing venture, Ianuck gathered some of the greatest racketeers and miscreants from Brasilia's scene: Marcio Reis, guitar player who was still doing time in Deceivers when he got the call, PC Montalvao, guitarrist extraordinaire on probation from Sapatos Bicolores and Rodrigo Pinto, regenerated and fully included on society after lengthy passages on Osqueotomia, Peter Perfeito and Capotones. With a cast of lousy beer bellied hellraisers, the band debuted live and to stick its name with superglue on people's minds, the tenacious quartet released the now out of press Youth Explosion EP, which blew heads off with its high doses of insane juvenile fury.

From july 2013 to january 2014, the band composed and recorded its long awaited first long play. 16 insults to anyone with a minimun good taste in music were registered on the nefarious There Goes Compensa Two, Hollow Wood's Club, House of Dicks and PC Faces Island studios. The final result of such an intense will to practice the purest forms of evil and never, ever, any good, in the shape of hardcore/metal crossover, is the killing machine properly named as Nuclear Awake. Thoroughly mixed by Daniel Iasbeck, known in Brazil for high stature works for Exxótica and Secos & Molhados, and regally mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering in California, the record depicts how rabid, acid, ironic, out of rails and punchdrunk with crossover's anarchical essence the band is nowadays. The sheer madness presented on Nuclear Awake deserves to be checked. Besides the cd version, the record was released on the latest and hottest virtual platforms. Make no excuses. Go get yours and be another victim of this nuclear beast awakening.

N.W.77 is:

Marcel Ianuck – Vocals, Bass guitar
Marcio Reis – Guitars, Vocals
PC Montalvao – Guitars
Rodrigo Pinto – Drums

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